CCM Ribcore 50K Schlittschuhe Youth/Bambini

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Der voraussichtlich beste Youth Skate auf dem Markt jetzt bei uns zum Monstersonderpreis Um die Größe besser bestimmen zu können habe ich mal die Längen der Einlegesohlen (von Kante zu Kante gemessen) der einzelnen Schuhgrößen gemessen.So können Sie dann sehr sehr gut mit dem bisherigen Schlittschuh oder sonstigem Sportschuh vergleichen. Da ergeben sich folgende Längen:Größe 8 = 16,4cm (Eur 25,5)Größe 9 = 17cm (Eur 26,5) Größe 10 =  17,6cm (Eur 27,5) Größe 11 = cm 19cm (Eur 29) Größe 12 =  19,8 cm (Eur 30,5)   FEATURES Heat Moldable: Yes Improves break-in time. Holder: SpeedBlade 4.0 Type of skate blade holder. Runner: Speedblade Black Type of skate blade. Tongue Material: TriGuard w/ Lace Bite Protection Type of material and design of the tongue. Boot Construction: RIBCOR Elite Type of material the product is primarily made of. Liner: Tacky Nash w/ Clarino Type of inner liner material. Outsole Construction: Carbon Composite Type of material the outsole is made of. Footbed: Griptonite Type/Brand of footbed in each boot. Warranty: 90 Days Period of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Are you pumped for playing ice hockey? If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you are. Having a reliable pair of skates like the top-of-the-line RIBCOR 50K Ice Skates will allow you to play ice hockey comfortably and effectively—and they won’t kill your feet! The RIBCOR 50K Ice Skates offer many great features to improve your game. The Advanced Pump, the most efficient Pump to date, will help personalize the fit while adding comfort. The SpeedBlade 4.0 holder increases your attack angle and provides greater strikes and cornering. SpeedBlade Black runners are treated for a longer edge life and resist corrosion. Plus, they look sleek! A RIBCOR Elite quarter package is an enhanced pro-ribbed reinforcement that harnesses flexion for maximum power. The Dual Zone liner with Tacky Nash and Clarino (SR only) enhances durability with increased heel lock while the Griptonite footbed will reduce foot movement to increase the amount of energy transfer. Further enhancing the fit and comfort of these skates is the TriGuard tongue with lightweight, enhanced lace bite protection that offers a maximum fit and comfort. The carbon composite outsole offers lightweight support for enhanced blade-to-boot interface. For anyone looking to dominate on the ice, the RIBCOR 50K Ice Skates should rank high up on anyone’s list. * Youth skates do have the Pump feature. 

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